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September 17, 2012


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Commissions open again,important changes in policy

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2012, 12:43 PM

:bulletred:First of all, the most important thing, policy changes:

-I take one, maximally two small commissions at a time. The reason is that I don't want to create endless waiting list again. Plus, my time is limited so I want to be more flexible with my commissions

-Commissioners will be picked by me, the whole process depends on my free time, size of commission and/or interesting theme. The best thing you can do is to remind me about your request in every "slots open again" journal. Please, be patient with me, I'm working really hard to keep up with everything.

-Journals about slots are going to be posted rather frequently, after every commission I'm done with.

:bulletred:EVERYTHING is accepted. Be it suggestive art, R34, whatever.

:bulletred:+10$ to basic price for porn:bulletred:

Feel free to suggest desired art style, based on what you can find in my gallery ;)

Paypal Stamp by artist4com Western Union stamp by mukuro-sama


:bulletred:DIGITAL ART:bulletred: (fully digital or based on pencil sketch, it depends on the subject and, well, my feels about specific piece)

40$ full body Octavia's Creed by FoxInShadow
Coffee tattooed by FoxInShadowFirebrand by FoxInShadow

each additional character +10$
+30$ extra for detailed background The Last Unicorn by FoxInShadowMake It Bun Dem (Flutter Rex remix) by FoxInShadow
Coding is Magic by FoxInShadow



:bulletred:Currently working with copic markers and watercolours, can mix it with digital edit as well (and most likely will do)

:bulletred: optional shipping of original art as registed priority letter. Price depends on your place of living

each additional character +10$

25$ sketches Happy Birthday, Arkane! by FoxInShadow
Whom the Gods Fear by FoxInShadowLord Kir and Servant by FoxInShadow
50$ Copic markers+ watercolours Just smile by FoxInShadowChrysalis ACEO by FoxInShadow

  • Listening to: wubs
  • Reading: Thoreau,
  • Watching: ponies, of course
  • Drinking: Coffee, as always
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MasterZehnny Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
GAH, I would commission, but I cannot pay in moneys :c
GrimRubix Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Are there still open slots? I would like to have a piece made.
Esteempunk Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I would be very interested in a commission. 2 character sketch with no or minimal background.
FoxInShadow Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012   Digital Artist
This can do, that's 35$. Please note me and send me all the details
D4nte357 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Would you allow suggestive art of an OC and Coffee? Some people are possessive of their OCs and I wanted to know if you'd let 'Fee have fun with ponies other then Blaze'.
monstrgod Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
wish you could do :points: commissies -_- sadly i have no moneys
ALAYER Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Question, remember this picture?

Well, I was thinking of something like that with my OC

And now the real question:
How much would it cost a comision of just the head of my OC with the right iris yellow instead of blue? Just the head no full body.
FoxInShadow Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012   Digital Artist
My old, basic price for headshot was 20$, so I guess I could go with that
FalloutFire Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
can I ask you what is the biggest size you can do?
FoxInShadow Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012   Digital Artist
Digital art: any size you wish for, you can even print it on poster ;)

And... well, traditional art might also be pretty damn big, I used to paint pieces on A2 paper and poster-sized paper as well, so it's all up to you :D
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