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Okay guys here is a thing.

My plan for last BronyCon was rushed. I haven't really had resources and ability to travel to the States, and if I would manage that somehow, it would eat up my whole time, about a half of a year of my work and I'd be almost totally broke for a longer while. Too much stress too.

So here is something more realistic. Please suggest to me any bigger Central and West European pony conventions for the upcoming spring/summer, I will consider all of the options and probably attend something. Not necessarily as a special quest or a vendor (but that is possible too), but only even as a normal convention participant.

I want to meet some of you finally. It's been too long.

So let's do this. Get me a convention.

And if any of your friends are convention-goers or maybe they are in convention staff, please let them know about this. If the time frame won't interfere with my real life, I see no bigger problem with anything.

Fox off.
To put it shortly, I plan a short break from art packs for now to return with something fresh in December/January.

Hearth's Warming Eve/winter-themed bundle is an obvious choice, but I'd like you, my dear audience, to brainstorm ideas for yet another art pack.

In my opinion the time frame between Christmas and New Year's Eve is too short to consider creating separate art packs for the both events, so that is unlike to happen.

Maybe I should split the Heart's Warming Eve and general winter theme into two separate art packs? 

All of these concerns make me ask you for opinions. I'd like to work with my audience to provide what they'd truly like to see.

Discussion and questions in the comments are highly encouraged. If you'd like to suggest anything, this is more than welcome.

Regarding the characters in the art packs, I try to avoid repeating the characters included in the previous art packs. I know that finally I'll be forced to "repeat myself" (because oh boy I do like me some Twilight), so some returning characters will happen. But I try to come up with something original, so any suggestions for background, canon characters are also appreciated. This poll is still relevant, and most likely these characters will be used:…

Okay so this one needs an explanation

I'm gonna be drawing a secret entry for one tumblr ask blog. I got a lot of freedom granted, and now both me and blog owner are asking for your help on the subject. We need to test the audience. Ask for something you're going to like. Your idea or a fusion of few best ideas will be featured on the said blog. However, we can't even pick or notify the "winner", because it would ruin the fun. You'll see for yourself.

So here are the restrictions and the general description of what we need: 

:bulletred:We need an idea for an image that can be revealed step by step. Imagine a picture that slowly gets rid of the blur or an image on which new parts that complete the drawing appear one by one. Or for example, the character slowly loses clothes. You get the idea. Something that works as a reward system.

:bulletred: This is a quadruped animal character. Flying, but not a pony pegasus of course. Flight is an option, not a requirement. Tail and paws.

No, don't suggest your characters that fit the description. Well duh.

No, we don't need a character from games/movies/etc nor we don't need you to make up one. We have the OC already, we simply request ideas for setting. Look of the character wouldn't tell you much, I know what I'm saying.

:bulletred: Interacting with the background or items is an available option. Yes, I got paid for a complex background. You can go wild.

:bulletred: However, there can be only one character mentioned above. Something like a plushie or a toy is not counted as additional character, it's more of an option for a background.

:bulletred: Very important: we can't accept anything obviously sexual. Suggestive is fine. Even better, it's super fine if you can make it funny. For example, teasing with a disappointing twist at the end. Or simply teasing. But yeah, no borderline-crossing porn.

:bulletred: Everything else is up to you. Be it crossover, fandoms, memes, games. Maybe you'll accidentally suggest something that the blog owner likes ;) Two words to keep in mind: computer science *hint hint*

If you happen to know or guess which blog I'm talking about, keep it to yourself. Don't ruin the fun.
Old link still works, but here is the fixed dowload page, no errors with file extensions:…

Sincere apologies once again

Lace Effects OUT NOW by FoxInShadow
Hello again, to all my friends!

I'm deeply sorry to say this, but apparently some of you have been experiencing issues with the latest art pack

I will prepare an entirely fixed download later, but for now here is an easy fix:

Please add ".jpg" extension at the end of the names of files that seem broken or unable to open.

Easy as that. 

This is what some people have been experiencing, and I honestly don't know the source of a problem. Because apparently it works fine for me, I made a test download and everything.

Anyway, before I reboot it here is what you can do. Sincere apologies for this annoying error.

*EDIT* HERE IS A PERMANENT FIX:  new Lace Effects dowload link, fixed the errorOld link still works, but here is the fixed dowload page, no errors with file extensions:;i=1395631;cl=280826;ejc=2
Sincere apologies once again
Seems like I did the impossible. Was it worth it? Now looking at it, I can tell that it fuckin' was!

Here you can dowload and support the massive effort of two months of my planning and talking with fellow artists: 

Lace Effects OUT NOW by FoxInShadow Lace Effects OUT NOW by FoxInShadow Lace Effects OUT NOW by FoxInShadow Lace Effects OUT NOW by FoxInShadow Lace Effects OUT NOW by FoxInShadow Lace Effects OUT NOW by FoxInShadow
Deal With It By Ilovemyipod098-d4jllfp by FoxInShadow\\
I need a week off.

That being said, I assure you that I am not going anywhere. I will stay active, but I simply need to catch up on older works, and don't let the new orders pile up too much (they already did, but I try to prevent a total disaster here :D )

So yeah, I will announce once I can take new orders again. That gives you some time to think about ideas ;)

I'm not complaining about "too much work", I juuuuuust need this week to catch my breath 

Thank you for your understanding, being patient with me, and as always for tons of feedback which keeps me alive 

Yours truly fox by vulpul
A tiny tiny test of screen capturing software I ran today:

^ And at the same time a teaser of things to come. I’m going to record some of my drawings from start to finish, and regularly put up the process on my YouTube

This is for two reasons;

First of all, this is the kind of YouTube content I am most comfortable with. While I wanna do something on this site, I’m definitely not the best in front of camera, so I’m not gonna be a vlogger xD Also, KairaAnix is back on YT very soon, so I’m gonna accompany her from time to time. I need an active channel.

Second of all, this is an archive for people who can’t watch my streams. Subscibe and enjoy

Disclaimer: for obvious reasons, I can’t put my sexy girls on YT, administration would take it down sooner or later.  

And no, I don’t wanna delve into the rules of other video hosting services, but my wild guess is that they would ban my smexy content sooner or later
Oh yeah just thought I'd let you know that I appeared on yet another art platform.

My Inkbunny is empty right now, but soon I'll start adding content:

Also, for all the people asking me about my livestream music, here is my Spotify which I'm consequently filling with playlists: foxinshadow

And here's a reminder that I also exist on the Procrastination Kingdom:…
OKAY so here's an update on things

Phew, vacation time is over, lots of people have been visiting us and we did some travelling as well

Now that Kaira has found a job (and her school started as well), our daily schedule has changed. I can work fluently once again! (until another holiday or vacation happens, haha)

Aaaanyway, there is a lot of catching up ahead of me.

I hope that certain persons are not too mad at me for waiting so long for me to finish their drawings ^^; As I just said, it was hard to stay focused, but now I am back at full speed. 

However, if you are a concerned client and would like to poke me just to check back on me, feel free to write me. I haven't forgot about anybody, but I understand that some works might have a certain deadline.

While I was gone not much has changed regarding the rules. And yes of course, I still do accept new commissions. Still the same old story:  Important changes in commission policy PLEASE READ
This annoys me as much as you, but this is forced on me rather than chosen, so let's overcome these obstacles together, shall we?
The changes are as follows:
:bulletred:The prices are going to be increased slightly in order to fit better to my local tax law. I really don't want to get you into details of that. Check out the current price list: 
:bulletred:First time you place an order you will have to sign "Contract to perform a specific work" with me. This includes sharing personal data with me (but you'll get mine in exchange...) and also you'll have to send me a scan of a signed page. Photo will do as well.
This is completely normal among freelancers, imagine you are treated like a company ordering art assets from me. I need a paper for that.
All the personal data is completely safe with me, as I don't have any interest in sharing it. Still, it's required.
I need this only once. If you or

:iconkairaanix: is also back on track, look her up for the details
And it comes with special treats and it helps the greater cause aaaand check the details right there: Choice of Ponies vol2 OUT NOW by FoxInShadow

Reminder by FoxInShadow
Everything is explained in the poll description, just go vote here if you're interested in supporting the upcoming art pack:…

Art Pack Announcement by FoxInShadow
As I have pointed out in the recent journal, I cooked up something new for you~

And as I have already said, I am after a better art equipment. So this time you will be supporting a specific goal, and by supporting it you will also receive more in return.

Why? As I have explained already I am planning to release a few neat things later this year for you in return, if you back me enough to achieve my goals

I have absolutely no words for how much you helped me so far :heart: For the love of booty art~

The current art packs available for download are these two:

Full Resolution Archive OUT NOW by FoxInShadow Choice of Ponies vol1 OUT NOW by FoxInShadow
Hello. I am back from my vacation and I am returning to you with a rough plan for the next few months

I'll try to keep it simple: my computer gear is getting old. At that point it has been continuously failing on properly running everything, and you can imagine how much that affects a digital artist. My screen is kinda outdated and colours are inadequate, which greatly affects the visual works I'm making. This has been showing on my bad workflow. I can feel I need this upgrade before I am totally unable to work. 

So all in all, everything that I really need is the stuff that is faster and renders colours in top notch quality. I most likely will be after a Retina or EIZO display

Therefore, here's what I decided on as a sort of crowdfunding method: the entire income from the next two or three PWYW art packs will be solely dedicated to my gear upgrade. You know that your money will be well-spent, and you will help me create even more in return (I plan on making some special releases and milestones as a sort of thank-you content) 

in total, I need roughly 2,500-3000$ and based on the sales from the first art pack, this is rather doable

Here is the plan for the upcoming months:

:bulletred: within a day or two I will release a Full Resolution Archive; a selection of my art (excluding commissions) in high guality, suitable for wallpapers, printing etc.

:bulletred: Choice of Ponies vol.2 at the end of this month (possibly with extra content for achieving milestones)

:bulletred: A collaboration art pack made with fellow artists scheduled to release at the end of October/beginning of November (don't worry, in this case every artist gets their fair part of income, I am not that kind of greedy bastard :D)

:bulletred: A long-awaited full length comic, scheduled for Christmas/New Year (This one is the thank-you content, and it happens ONLY if crowdfunding successes)

And yes, everything stays as Pay What You Want content. Support me as much as you want/can, every penny helps me :heart:

Anyway, I guess you will hear from me again very soon. I am very hyped for all of this and I can't wait to get started. Love you all~~

Right now you can support me by downloading this Choice of Ponies vol1 OUT NOW by FoxInShadow but as stated above you'll soon have more content to download ;)
Since I got tagged during my vacation, I decided to do this the French way (and with some class, I'm not gonna throw buckets of water at me goddamnit)

And yes, I was making the paypal transfer from my phone during the recording, I paid on the Polish website

I don't tag anybody because I don't care about buckets of water. Just support the good cause, guys.

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say that I am abroad until 13th of September.

I'm going with KairaAnix to France and Belgium, we will be visiting the former mod of Lonely Inky. You remember this dude, right?… (current tumblr: )

Few announcements: most of the time I will stay online so feel free to ask me stuff/send me notes/ask me about a commission slot, but of course the commissions are on hold until I return

I would also like to apologize for any recent delays, but things has been crazy. There will be lots of catching up once I return. I woud like to thank you all for the endless support and patience ^^;

However, I am taking a sketch book with me, so you can expect some WIPs and sketches I've made during the travel, so you can follow my spam on my instagram and foxintwilight on and Kaira's spam on her INSTAGRAM

I also will be preparing sketches for upcoming art packs, so stay tuned!

Well, I guess that's all. See you later!

826127217 360671 by FoxInShadow
I can say it already: the support for my first downloadable creation has been ENORMOUS so far and easily surpassed all my expectations

You guys :heart:

All I can do in exchange is stay active and keep pumping out fresh content for everyone to enjoy

I believe I'm gonna stick to PWYW model, because as many times my senpai Slugbox said, this makes it available for everyone to enjoy, there is no premium "elitist" content and paywalls, yet people showed enough support to keep me interested in this subject


If you somehow missed it, here you can get your copy: Choice of Ponies vol1 OUT NOW by FoxInShadow

(I'm sorry for the Free Daily Checkout Limit, but there isn't much I can do about it. Just wait one more day or throw me a penny :meow:)