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Hello guys. Just wanted to clarify some things.

I must apologize the most of my regular stream viewers, but I most likely won't be able to stream at my "usual streaming time" (which is about 1-2am in America) anymore.

KairaAnix used to get up with me at 5:30am making it possible for me to stream for you so early in the morning, but she is almost done with her current stage of education, which means we simply don't have to wake up so early anymore. We will be changing our daily schedule.

This doesn't mean I won't be streaming at all. I will be streaming from time to time, but at more random hours and much more rarely. It will be just more difficult to catch my stream, as I won't be capable of proper timing estimation for now.

Probably I won't be able to return to regular streaming earlier than in October. Once again, things might change, this is just an estimation.

Fox off~ 
Just wanted to let you know that my super-old, inactive account is no more. For reasons (plus, I lost both my password and access to my email used for recovery :P).

So, new account (haha, not so new, I made it 5 months ago <___< ), fresh start, maybe I will be active again. Dunno.

Anyway, you can find me here:…
Since I am a sentimental fool, I made the best decision I could in order to not loose any of my art history. There are certain pieces that bring back lots of memories and generally serve as an improvement guide to me and my followers. So not getting rid of anything.

So yeah, if you want to look up my oldest pieces, they are still available in my scraps folder. Thought I'd let you know.
I must say beforehand that I might be getting through some tough stuff in the following weeks. This might or might not affect my work flow but fear not, your support is the main reason which keeps me working, so I must strive to stay active :)

Nothing bad happened in my personal life, don't worry. The main reason behind this is a possible change of my work status and if I success I might end up in game industry again, who knows.

Will commissions return any time soon? Most likely yes.

Now about the gallery. I feel like I need to push myself a little harder towards the general evolution of my artistic sense and technical progress, and there is nothing better to do but to let in some fresh air, have some fun with art again. So IF, I say, IF I decide to leave some of my oldest works behind, I will create an online archive for everyone to access and download so that nothing is lost. 

It's spring, I can (hopefully) feel some good changes coming up. And of course thousand hugs to you, faithful watchers :glomp: remake 
Yup! Time to deal with all this work. Commissions will be back in April. I can't determine yet when exactly, be patient.

Important note: if you already started discussing details with me, your order will be accepted and finished. 

Cheers, Fox off~

Oh, and by the way, Kaira is still accepting new deals Commission price list by KairaAnix
I come with some happy news and some explanation for you guys. Even though the Bronycon staff accepted my vendor application (and this makes me sooooo happy!), I still can't be sure if I will be able to attend. This mostly has to do with visa stuff and lots of paperwork, but I am on the good road so far. I'll keep you updated, Fox off :heart:
My lazy break will be slowly getting to the end. Which means more art soon, but to be honest I am a little bit overwhelmed by the number of pictures I am working on at the same time :D Oh well! 

I still accept new commissions. But please consider what I've just said and be reasonable about the time frame if you want a piece from me. Tons of new works for you guys are waiting to be done, y'know!

Any other news? Oh yeah, I might have an update about the Bronycon very soon. I am waiting for their response regarding the vendor application, and the vendor list should be announced this weekend? We'll see.

I also wanted to let you know that the one and only Nazegoreng completed her trade with me and we are currently waiting for these two sweet ponies to arrive: Trade: Coffee Bean OC Custom Plush by Nazegoreng Trade: Blazing Gear OC Custom Plush by Nazegoreng

More photos will definitely follow, especially that we are planning to take them to Pyrkon

Kaira is also kinda busy, but just like me she still takes commissions Commission price list by KairaAnix

Well, that's about it. I am always around if you guys need me, talk to you later :heart:

My cray cray livestreams are back next week, whooo's ready?
...but I'm not gonna say who won :D A little bit of patience, people, the contest was really fun, lots of great ideas and hard choices were made; but we finally came up with two winning requests, which should be ready in following weeks. Thank you all for your incredible amounts of creativity, keep it up!~~

Open Slots by FoxInShadow

Yes, I am ready to add new commissions to my waiting list. Price list still remains the same

The number of slots is not determined, I will simply accept them until I become overwhelmed enough. :P

Catch me while you can, because they probably will remain open for few days, and then close again for another few weeks/later this month

Also, me and my client run a small originality competition, please look up the details: Two Special Commission Slots by FoxInShadow

Of course, Kaira is also taking commissions as always: Commission price list by KairaAnix
Just to keep me from drowning in work. At least until the end of the week, hopefully not longer.

Fox off~~

Of course, if you are sooo eager, there always is Kaira: Commission price list by KairaAnix
Open Slots by FoxInShadow

Yes, I am ready to add new commissions to my waiting list. Price list still remains the same

The number of slots is not determined, I will simply accept them until I become overwhelmed enough. :P

Catch me while you can, because they probably will remain open for few days, and then close again for another few weeks/later this month

Ok people, thank you all for your requests, but now I actually need to catch up on all these pictures :D I don't want to overwhelm myself and get buried in works like I used to, right?

Fox off to drawing, love ya all~~

Remember that my second half is as always open Commission price list by KairaAnix
Opening Png by FoxInShadow

Price list remains the same

You know the variety of works I pull out and my favourite topics, but please keep in mind that I can draw ANYTHING YOU WANT, just note me and we'll discuss the details

Also, I am still taking icons for 20$ icons icons icons by FoxInShadowicons icons icons #2 by FoxInShadow
Older deals will keep me busy for now. Aaaand the concept art project came up of course.

If you already noted me and we began talking about the details, then your request will be accepted

Also, while I am on a break, there always is KairaAnix 
<da:thumb id="419734113"/>
Continuing my successful collaboration with Barking Muffin Games onto another project, this time a 2D game for which I will be providing concept art and character design. Looking forward to it!

Now, I have lots of work to catch up on :) Commissions remain open, because the game work won't take me a whole month this time :D

Fox off Foxy Dummy 

Also, guys, looook Assasin Octavia by agatrix Based off my old thingy Octavia's Creed by FoxInShadow
This year's fall/winter season is not very pleasant to us...

Me and Kaira are both feeling like shit. Thought I'd let you all know that things may slow down a little bit again. 

I can't wait for spring. The current weather is beating the shit out of me
Remember when I was working on the in-game artwork? Well take a look then

Price list remains the same :3
on left

Icons are still available

Previous deals have settled the icon price to 20$ and I'm gonna stick to that

No WIP sketches of icons in order to speed things up, you pay me upfront and send me a description/references and I return to you with finished product.

Some examples: 

icons icons icons by FoxInShadow