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First of all, I am sorry for the recent slowdown. I had a lot going on my mind, and this is one of the outcomes.

I'd also like to apologize to all of you who are waiting for me to finish their commissions. Nobody has been forgotten about, it's just real life that got the best out of me once again.

Therefore, I had to fight this delay.
It's not the main reason though, only an effect of some bigger changes: my bills will go down for some time, so I won't have to take that many commissions at the moment.

Therefore, any future requests will get spread out more evenly over time, giving me more time to finish each one and I'll be able to focus on quality of my work. Re-evaluate my skills rather than constantly feel rushed.

As of now, I accept orders set for late September and later. That is all. fox by vulpul
Celebrating yet another dA anniversary with #DeviantArtistQuestionnaire

:bulletred: 1.How long have you been on DeviantArt?

This account clearly says "Deviant since Dec 9, 2009", but fun fact, this is actually my second account. In fact, I am around since May 11, 2009

I won't link you my first shitty account, even though it proves that everyday work does pays off.

:bulletred: 2.What does your username mean?

Isn't that self-explanatory? =P Seriously tho, to give you some backstory it originates way back in my furry days. It wasn't supposed to be anything original, it just came off the top of my head when I was making my second account. I wanted "something without numbers" in the username :P

Aaaand now I am Fox among ponies :I

:bulletred: 3.Describe yourself in three words.

Professional psychedelic dolphin

:bulletred: 4.Are you left or right handed?

right handed IF-you-know-what-i-mean by FoxInShadow

:bulletred: 5.What was your first deviation?

On current account it would be this cat

But on my first account it was this monstrosity:

Argh by FoxInShadow 

Now take a look at my recent works and dare to say that progress doesn't come from everyday practice.

:bulletred: 6.What is your favourite type of art to create?

Few years ago I'd pick traditional art, but right now digital art gives me all the joy, that or mix of both.

I'm still too much of a noob for traditional oil paintings, for example. So yeah, digital. 

:bulletred: 7.If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Hyper-realism, so I could tick that off on my to-do list.

In other words, hyper-realism is boring but I'd love to stroke my ego =P

:bulletred: 8.What was your first favourite?

Previous account: Furry Hug by DolphyDolphiana (and this thing was the first link to deviantart I have ever clicked, I believe)

Current account: Italy as a Fox by johnjoseco

:bulletred: 9.What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Currently? Things that either fall into sexy spectrum, or professional concept works. I have collections for both of these:……

:bulletred: 10.Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Never gonna pick one, that's called "limiting yourself".

But I am going to highlight two individuals that I was looking up to back in the day.

I'm talking about :iconculpeo-fox:, my first idol and main inspiration in the early days along with :iconskia:. Still appreciate everything they do.

And  here's everyone else I am following, they're ALL wonderful artists/friends worth checking out.

:icon6kart: :iconabigaillarson: :iconalchemaniac: :iconalectorfencer: :iconarrrkal: :iconartbytheo: :iconauricomheaven: :iconautumnwindfoxy: :iconben-andrews: :iconblitzpony: :iconbluefley: :iconbrosa: :iconcassetterecorder: :iconcellar-fcp: :iconcenit-v: :iconchriscold: :iconcolorbind: :iconcrookedtrees: :iconcushart: :icondanielgrzeszkiewicz: :icondaroz: :icondeerandfox: :icondeharme: :icondimarinski: :iconelectrixocket: :iconemanshiu: :iconeoinart: :iconfightpunch: :iconflaviobolla: :iconfralininin: :iconfyre-flye: :icongrimdreamart: :icongrobelski: :icongunnmgally: :iconhamsterfly: :iconhoooook: :iconhumon: :iconiopichio: :iconivankhomenko: :iconjamajurabaev: :iconjameszapata: :iconjdarnell: :iconjeffsimpsonkh: :iconjenzee: :iconjjcanvas: :iconjordangrimmer: :iconk04sk: :iconkairaanix: :iconkairogc: :iconkidbomber: :iconkuldarleement: :iconlehuss: :iconleopardsnow: :iconlogan-pearce: :iconlukasesch: :iconlupuna: :iconm0nkeybread: :iconmacrebisz: :iconmadspartan013: :iconmanzanedo: :iconmateuszpisarski: :iconmathiaszamecki: :iconmeatshop-tattoo: :iconmichaelpoland: :iconmldoxy: :iconmr--jack: :iconmurphylaw4me: :iconnanook94: :iconnazegoreng: :iconnele-diel: :iconnoahbradley: :iconokmer: :iconpalibyte: :iconpaukenz: :iconpervandr: :iconpies-pies: :iconpiofoks: :iconponysocialexperiment: :iconprogv: :iconproofme: :iconproxygreen: :iconpuimun: :iconpyrotempertantrum: :iconraenyras: :iconrahmatozz: :iconrevolverwinds: :iconreza-ilyasa: :iconrhysgriffiths: :iconruanjia: :iconshirotsuki: :iconsnatti89: :iconsoukitsubasa: :iconsoulspade: :iconspittfireart: 

:bulletred: 11.If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

:iconrandomonlooker: RIP [*]

:bulletred: 12.How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Oh gosh... should I really bring up the fact that I have my fiancée on here?

Basically almost every important person I have in my life had some experience with deviantart. At least people from my generation.

:bulletred: 13.What are your preferred tools to create art?

Those kinds of questions and more got answered in my FAQ, because I really needed one

:bulletred: 14.What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

How about... simply my desk? All this "deep" bullshit about inspirational places is... well, bullshit.

:bulletred: 15.What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

When the entire deviantArt went absolutely bonkers when on one April Fool's all user icons got turned into Twilight saga, Lady GaGa and some other shit and I stayed up till 4am just to witness this. 

That wasn't lame at all

April Fools 2010 Stamp by kalot3000
And I am sorry for spamming again, but there aren't many events such as this one (at least not where I live), so bear with me. 

First of all, I'd like to thank the one and only :iconadalbertus: for, well, he knows for what. If it wasn't for him, I might've not make it to the con.

I'd also like to thank :iconveggie55: for hanging out with us ever so often :la: choir 

And most importantly, I wanted to thank each and every brony who came up to me to get an autograph, a sketch or a photo, because holy. damn. 
Meeting you IRL felt so refreshing and really pumped me to keep contributing to this community. I sure as hell needed that moral boost. 

As of now, I can't promise that I'll make it to any other major pony convention soon, but you can be sure I'll try and look for every opportunity out there. Because after Galacon I am certain that I'd enjoy it again.

Next big plan: BUCK 2016! Will it work out? I don't know, but I'll keep you updated.

And keep up with the pony hype /)
Yeah, now that's pretty much set.

Guys over at MLP-FIM-TPM will be most likely selling some of my works on this year's Bronycon, if they set up everything on time. Just ask them about my works at booth #723.

Soooo, get them while they're hot!

There is not a chance that I will go to any USA convention anytime soon, so they offer the only chance to get my merch.
I highly suggest you check it out and support her if you find it cool, she worked really hard on these plots: Bootylicious! DC Comics Ultimate Edition by KairaAnix
Sorry if my bragging sounds annoying at that point, but perhaps I am too excited for the con and I also had to make some things clear, in case you missed my earlier announcement.

Anyway... Galacon is just one week away and that will be my first major pony convention.

However, for me this will be purely recreational convention. I mostly wanted to meet some of you guys, see how the pony conventions work and perhaps plan some more future journeys, based on that experience.

So, I repeat for the last time, I will not be selling anything.
I am literally not allowed to because I didn't even apply for the booth, I didn't want to make any illegal sales in the first place either. I'll just be there enjoying the con.

You can't pay me for any drawings on the go either, but most likely I will be drawing some rainbow horses anyway, maybe taking some requests too.

Anything NSFW in nature or even suggestive is out of question. Let's keep it professional, right?

The downside of not being a vendor is that I will be harder to find. For that reason I am publishing a photo of my new con badge and yours truly; the ugly human attached to this mighty badge:

 New badge for Galacon by FoxInShadow

I'm also having some concerns regarding the travel. I'm taking a car ride and there is quite a distance ahead, so I MIGHT be late for Saturday events, but I'll make it eventually.
The plan is to arrive on time, so we'll stick to that.

So... I guess that's all. See you in Germany!

As every year, I am fucking astonished by the amount of love my sorry self receives ^^;

It might not seem like a big deal, but a thousand "thank you" for taking your time to write me even a short birthday wish. It means a ton, you guys are like my second family. Not even joking.

As of now, it is getting pretty late over here in Poland, so excuse me while I hit the bed.

Tomorrow I am back to what I best at: providing you with a daily dose of boobage art


Hick by FoxInShadow
And I am on Twitter for quite some time already, but I don't think I ever mentioned it on dA. Maybe I forgot to do so.

Feel free to follow:
See, no reason not to get it! :heart:

Choice of Ponies vol6 OUT NOW! by FoxInShadow
Follow the link for more info on who's involved, how to order your deck etc:…

Preorders are very limited, and so is the total number of decks available, so get them while they're hot and sexy

And have a little teaser :heart:

Teaser by FoxInShadow
I need to open a few commission slots after 3 months of working on prepaid orders and scheduled works.

So here's your occasion to get something from me, use it because I honestly can't tell when I will be open again.

Rules regarding the slots:

This time I need only a certain amount of money, so the slots will be granted based on the order of incoming requests and their value, so for example if the first person to write me wants from me a huge commission, the slots might get filled up instantly.

So yeah, while writing me don't ask if you can take the slot, just describe right away what you need so that I can evaluate the pricing.

You know the drill, pricing stays the same: Price list by FoxInShadow  Important changes in commission policy PLEASE READ
This annoys me as much as you, but this is forced on me rather than chosen, so let's overcome these obstacles together, shall we?
The changes are as follows:
:bulletred:The prices are going to be increased slightly in order to fit better to my local tax law. I really don't want to get you into details of that. Check out the current price list: 
:bulletred:First time you place an order you will have to sign "Contract to perform a specific work" with me. This includes sharing personal data with me (but you'll get mine in exchange...) and also you'll have to send me a scan of a signed page. Photo will do as well.
This is completely normal among freelancers, imagine you are treated like a company ordering art assets from me. I need a paper for that.
All the personal data is completely safe with me, as I don't have any interest in sharing it. Still, it's required.
I need this only once. If you or

To people waiting for my drawings: I'm sorry, please be patient. Everything is being worked on and everything will be completed. Recently real life hit me in the face pretty badly so I was unable to work, therefore a slowdown occured. I'm hoping to get back on my feet now.
it's the real life stuff that keeps me occupied 

I am temporarily dragged away from art making by some personal issues and I'm trying to maintain a steady workflow

it's hard, but I'll be fine

and I'll be back

that's all
Do you like ponies?

Choice of Ponies vol5 OUT NOW! by FoxInShadow
Zrzut ekranu 2015-04-28 o 14.24.42 by FoxInShadow…

These Twilight mousepads will be there as well: Twilight mouse pad by FoxInShadow

shinafterlife (like my any other client) has permission to make profit off his commissions. It's part of the deal: Important changes in commission policy PLEASE READ

If you happen to be at RuBronyCon 2015 in Moscow, go ahead and get some Foxy merch! I officially approve this!
Chciałem jak co roku przypomnieć tym kilku Polakom którzy mnie mogą kojarzyć, że jak zwykle ja i KairaAnix będziemy wozić się po Pyrkonie i okolicach. Najłatwiej znaleźć nas razem z CTSG bo jakoś tak zazwyczaj szlajamy się z tym fąflem. Bajo!

Cechy szczególne: tatuaże, weltschmerz i pogarda dla mainstreamu oraz te identy: Convention badges by FoxInShadow
Few words of explanation regarding the project I'm taking part in:…

But the good news is, that since Jay won't be selling on BronyCon, at least there will be more decks available for online purchase! 

I will also use this occasion to announce that I got my QR code, aka Galacon ticket, so yeah, this one happens 100% FoxInShadow on GalaCon. (but I'm not a vendor either)

Unless I die beforehand or they ban me or something :sarcasm:
Princess of Love art pack OUT NOW by FoxInShadow Princess of Love art pack OUT NOW by FoxInShadow Princess of Love art pack OUT NOW by FoxInShadow Princess of Love art pack OUT NOW by FoxInShadow 
People always keep asking me what I'm playing on my livestreams, and they specifically ask me about electro, so here you go, I will be regularly adding stuff to the public playlist:…