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Okay, so I might have some Internet connection issues at the beginning of February, because we're changing our apartment and I need to sign a new deal with teh Interwebz provider :iconcheezburgerplz: and I don't know exactly how long this is gonna take, soooo this might result in a few days without the Internet. I need to accept new orders so that I don't waste time while I'm waiting.

These will be granted based on the order of incoming requests, so once I get enough of them, the commissions will get closed down once again. 

Nothing changes regarding the rules etc, please note me as per usual  Important changes in commission policy PLEASE READ
This annoys me as much as you, but this is forced on me rather than chosen, so let's overcome these obstacles together, shall we?
The changes are as follows:
:bulletred:The prices are going to be increased slightly in order to fit better to my local tax law. I really don't want to get you into details of that. Check out the current price list: 
:bulletred:First time you place an order you will have to sign "Contract to perform a specific work" with me. This includes sharing personal data with me (but you'll get mine in exchange...) and also you'll have to send me a scan of a signed page. Photo will do as well.
This is completely normal among freelancers, imagine you are treated like a company ordering art assets from me. I need a paper for that.
All the personal data is completely safe with me, as I don't have any interest in sharing it. Still, it's required.
I need this only once. If you or

:iconkairaanix: has one slot still available as well:  Two commission slots are open! Urgent situation!Alright. I know it's been a long time since I uploaded anything and been active, but I was working in a shop for past 3 months. I didn't disappear, I just didn't have any time to upload anything.
Now, that I'm back, I'll be more active. I promise.
Things were really intense recently. We need money for a landlord fee, because we have to change our current place by the end of January. That sucks, I know, but new year, new start. It's gonna be hard, but we're gonna do it. Adult life sucks.
So basically I'm opening them because we need money. If I didn't need them, I wouldn't ask for your help. You know me.
If you're interested in ordering something from me, here's the price list.

Don't hesitate to write to me there. I would much appreciate to draw something for you, guys. For real. :)

Timelapse of the cover art I did for Aviators for the newest album, Building Better Worlds, is finally there!  

Finished piece: (full piece available on the album)

Music: courtesy of Aviators himself…
Crossover art pack is there! I've been working very hard on this one, so this will make me very happy if you download and enjoy it.


:bulletred::bulletred:GET YOUR COPY HERE:…  :bulletred::bulletred:




WHY .JPG FORMAT There is one very simple explanation. E-Junkie has its limits and I don't wanna take down older art packs. In such a big resolution the difference between .jpg and .png in invisible anyway, I assure you.
As of now, in a poll posted yesterday 60 people declared that it would be important for them to be able to meet me at GalaCon 2015. That definitely keeps me motivated!

I'm trying not to make empty promises. That didn't work out in the past. This time this is a serious plan, yet it is a bit too early to set that in stone. I'm just carefully optimistic.

I will keep you updated on the subject, I am almost certain that I will attend the convention (only some sort of tragic disaster would keep me from attending, but I can't be 100% sure just yet. Anything could happen. Sudden expenses. End of the world. But if nothing extremely bad happens, then I will be there.), and if that works out then I will be hella motivated for more!

My most optimistic plans include United Kingdom in 2016 and maaaybe United States in 2017?

We shall see! But for now, I will be looking forward to seeing some of you on 1. and 2. of August in Ludwigsburg! Hopefully! :iconfoxsobplz:
As you might know, I am a modified person. Over the years, my numerous tattoos and piercings started to pile up, so when people ask me the same questions over and over they can get lost easily. So each time someone asks me, "Fox, what tattoos do you have, and what do they mean", I will be sending them to this handy guide. This is a sort of a FAQ.

Yes, it will be getting updated over time, each time I get something new.

This is a reference guide made mainly to avoide confusion, it's purpose isn't showing off, nor it is inteded to start a discussion about body modification. I've heard the same arguments a dozen times, this doesn't bring anything new. You just have been friendly warned, please don't continue if you don't like what you're seeing :) Peace.

Opinions by Foedus-Stamps

Now that this is explained, let's move to the fun part.

This is a list in the order of making.

:bulletred: Let's start with piercings. Most likely I won't be getting any more of them, because as it turned out, each time I get sick my body reacts to them very badly. But I like what I have.

Img 20140718 140552 by FoxInShadow Vertical labret and double rim piercing in the left ear

:bulletred: And now let's go with tattoos. I will try to explain the meaning of each one of them (or lack of it)

Most (but not all) of my tattoos are made by Galaxy Tattoo…

 dem tattoos by FoxInShadow  "Test tattoos" as I call them, that was my first try and I loved it. First one is a Mirror's Edge/Nine Inch Nails mashup Nine Inch Edge by FoxInShadowsecond one is a pixel heart that is the logo of Pegboard Nerds.

Levantine Assassins symbol, traditional tattoo by FoxInShadowLevantine Assassins symbol, traditional tattoo. Details in the description <---

CulpeoFox Yagunna tattoo by FoxInShadowYagunna, one of my early favourites (both in terms of tattoo and the character ;) ). To honour the wonderful person that got me interested in art and was my first huge inspiration, the one and only Culpeo-Fox. Link to the original in the description.

Woodkid keys tattoo by FoxInShadowWoodkid keys. Self-explanatory. They are very special because they were made by :iconkairaanix:

Then I had to honour gaming again. Starting to create a pattern: Fable, Woodkid, Assassin's Creed by FoxInShadow 6 by FoxInShadow

1512107 275359549279717 459984110 O by FoxInShadow This one is both in honour of Ayreon (touchy-feelsy space metal opera) and the wonderful cover artwork artist, Jef Bertels. You can look up the original (and many more) on his website:

1690252 282930798522592 1736514688 N by FoxInShadow Feed Me. FEEEEEED

1977049 297119440437061 682077035 N by FoxInShadow1 by FoxInShadow
First one without any deeper meaning. I just like geometrical patterns.

10409716 518953144871337 74020227466044157 N by FoxInShadowSpontaneous effect of the visit at the tattoo convention. Very abstract tulip.

Zrzut ekranu 2015-01-08 o 12.29.16 by FoxInShadowZrzut ekranu 2015-01-08 o 12.29.27 by FoxInShadow

Second tattoo made by :iconkairaanix:, and very personal again. This is a part of the full sleeve from "The Fountain" (2006)…

The Shore by FoxInShadow Octohands by FoxInShadow

1492627 977510058931179 5221244168359561162 O by FoxInShadow No deeper meaning with this one, just visually appealing. My own design, details in the description.

tumblr nhut7xuYCJ1qii7qjo1 1280 by FoxInShadow And the first sleeve filler tattoo on the right forearm. Geometrical dotwork, designed by my tattooist. It took almost two years to get the first half sleeve done, so this might seem like a lot of tattoos but it's a slow process :)
Let's start New Year with a spark of creativity. I will be more than happy to hear your opinions regarding next project of mine. NSFW obviously.

Recently I came up with an idea for the Choice of Ponies art pack scheduled for the end of January. The main theme are crossovers. Crossovers with nerd culture.

Here are my propositions already set in stone to give you an idea of what I'm looking for:

-Derpy in Doctor Who universe
-Vinyl in TRON universe

I'm also discussing Star Wars crossover with somebody, so I need two more pictures.

I was thinking about Twilight Sparkle in a high fantasy setting, she fits well to the role of a wizard or a libranian. LoTR? Harry Potter? What do you think?

And I totally have no idea what the fifth image is supposed to be. Feel free to write down your suggestions. Also, please stick to the Western culture. No anime, this doesn't fit to the pictures I already have.
Now I am back to finishing older deals and generally catching up on stuff ^^;

Thank you all for your support and understanding, I'll make sure to let you know when I'll be able to take some new orders.

Stay awesome! :thumbsup:
All credit goes to this golden person: :iconmrocza:

He made quite a few vectors for me already, but this time he totally killed it: Coffee Bean plz account set by Mrocza

Feel free to use all of them. 

Before you make any comment about their look, please keep in mind that they are based on my old style. Choo choo nostalgia train!
[ENG] Most of you can skip this beacause this is aimed mostly at my Polish-speaking followers, but here's a short explanation; KairaAnix has started her YT channel and I will be appearing is some of the co-ops, but there also will be some English content later on. I will make sure to announce it. For now, you won't understand much from our Let's Plays :D

[POL] Okeeej, no więc Kaira zastartowała z kanałem. Głównie let's playe ale czasami postaramy się o jakąś różnorodność. Okazjonalnie będę pojawiał się w co-opach, a pierwszą taką okazją jest seria z Castle Crashers:

I am very happy to announce that I teamed up with Aviators to work on a visual side of the newest album, "Building Better Worlds".

I am responsible not only for the promo you can see below, but also for the upcoming cover art.

Both of the artworks are going to have a timelapse as well, and you can watch (and listen) to the first one already

Get hyped!

It's like a livestream you can watch whenever you want! And it's faster!


Knowing from my experience that not every commission is a finalized deal, I accepted a few more slots than planned.

Slots go to:


That is all, please wait with any more of your incoming requests until I open up again in December :)
Okay guys here is a thing.

My plan for last BronyCon was rushed. I haven't really had resources and ability to travel to the States, and if I would manage that somehow, it would eat up my whole time, about a half of a year of my work and I'd be almost totally broke for a longer while. Too much stress too.

So here is something more realistic. Please suggest to me any bigger Central and West European pony conventions for the upcoming spring/summer, I will consider all of the options and probably attend something. Not necessarily as a special quest or a vendor (but that is possible too), but only even as a normal convention participant.

I want to meet some of you finally. It's been too long.

So let's do this. Get me a convention.

And if any of your friends are convention-goers or maybe they are in convention staff, please let them know about this. If the time frame won't interfere with my real life, I see no bigger problem with anything.

Fox off.
To put it shortly, I plan a short break from art packs for now to return with something fresh in December/January.

Hearth's Warming Eve/winter-themed bundle is an obvious choice, but I'd like you, my dear audience, to brainstorm ideas for yet another art pack.

In my opinion the time frame between Christmas and New Year's Eve is too short to consider creating separate art packs for the both events, so that is unlike to happen.

Maybe I should split the Heart's Warming Eve and general winter theme into two separate art packs? 

All of these concerns make me ask you for opinions. I'd like to work with my audience to provide what they'd truly like to see.

Discussion and questions in the comments are highly encouraged. If you'd like to suggest anything, this is more than welcome.

Regarding the characters in the art packs, I try to avoid repeating the characters included in the previous art packs. I know that finally I'll be forced to "repeat myself" (because oh boy I do like me some Twilight), so some returning characters will happen. But I try to come up with something original, so any suggestions for background, canon characters are also appreciated. This poll is still relevant, and most likely these characters will be used:…

Okay so this one needs an explanation

I'm gonna be drawing a secret entry for one tumblr ask blog. I got a lot of freedom granted, and now both me and blog owner are asking for your help on the subject. We need to test the audience. Ask for something you're going to like. Your idea or a fusion of few best ideas will be featured on the said blog. However, we can't even pick or notify the "winner", because it would ruin the fun. You'll see for yourself.

So here are the restrictions and the general description of what we need: 

:bulletred:We need an idea for an image that can be revealed step by step. Imagine a picture that slowly gets rid of the blur or an image on which new parts that complete the drawing appear one by one. Or for example, the character slowly loses clothes. You get the idea. Something that works as a reward system.

:bulletred: This is a quadruped animal character. Flying, but not a pony pegasus of course. Flight is an option, not a requirement. Tail and paws.

No, don't suggest your characters that fit the description. Well duh.

No, we don't need a character from games/movies/etc nor we don't need you to make up one. We have the OC already, we simply request ideas for setting. Look of the character wouldn't tell you much, I know what I'm saying.

:bulletred: Interacting with the background or items is an available option. Yes, I got paid for a complex background. You can go wild.

:bulletred: However, there can be only one character mentioned above. Something like a plushie or a toy is not counted as additional character, it's more of an option for a background.

:bulletred: Very important: we can't accept anything obviously sexual. Suggestive is fine. Even better, it's super fine if you can make it funny. For example, teasing with a disappointing twist at the end. Or simply teasing. But yeah, no borderline-crossing porn.

:bulletred: Everything else is up to you. Be it crossover, fandoms, memes, games. Maybe you'll accidentally suggest something that the blog owner likes ;) Two words to keep in mind: computer science *hint hint*

If you happen to know or guess which blog I'm talking about, keep it to yourself. Don't ruin the fun.