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I hate how recently I've been only giving you my bitching and moaning and complaining. But you deserve to know because I went pretty silent again.

So on top of everything that's been going on recently, I've been also having a constant fever and the worst headache of my life for the past week.

Today I went to the doctor to get it checked because the symptoms were pretty unusual for an autumn cold or flu. I had to have a blood test and because this is Friday, I have to wait for the results until Monday. Right now I am on antibiotics but I still don't know what exactly is wrong with me.

I am so weak and out of ideas due to this sickness, that I can't even get up to my Wacom and draw something decent. So getting back on my feet is going to take me... couple of more days at best. I'm trying to sketch some stuff in the meantime, but my productivity simply went down the drain, and you have no idea how fucking infuriated by this I am. But I know that I gotta rest if I want to return to full health.

Of course, this also means a delay in opening new commissions. I'm sorry, but even though this is directly damaging me the most, I gotta set my priorities straight. Health first.

Expect another update on Monday. I fucking hope it's not a chronic condition or anything like that.

Again, sorry for slowing down recently. I felt like an explanation is much needed, the last few weeks... weren't the best for me.

Fox back to bed :U
Thanks for the constructive critique too, both public and private. Much appreciated.

Now, I don't think there is much left to be said at that point. I know what I have to do; I have to take it easy and slowly recover to full health. I'll shut up about it now, and just take all steps necessary.

And that involves temporarily closing my commissions: for a week or two I won't be accepting new orders because I have to redo my price list a little bit, also in the meantime I will be slowly working through the commissions that have been already prepaid or booked.

If you've already been added to my waiting list then you still will be getting your commission done using the old pricing, even if you haven't paid me yet. I'll get back to everyone sooner or later and nobody has been forgotten, so don't worry.

Also, to everyone who's been asking me about Patreon, I said this already and I'll have to say it again: I do not like the patron model that everyone has been using recently. And do you really think that in my current state it would be a good idea to impose on me another set of weekly or monthly deadlines and quotas that I will fail to fulfill? The sheer pressure to keep up with yet another thing would eat me up. Patreon does not click with me because it would force me to do exactly the same thing that was harming me recently; perhaps all that I'm trying to say is that I am not ready to run a honest, fulfilling Patreon just now.

And yes, I know that technically I don't even have to provide anything in return to my patrons and people could basically... pay me for existing, but hey, I already have had a donate page linked on my tumblr for years if you've been dying to give me some free dolla:…;

Maybe I'll consider a proper Patreon model suited to my workflow sometime in the future, but definitely not now.

Thanks for listening everyone.
In a way, I am sorry for bringing this whole thing up. If you've been following me for a while, you know that what I hate the most is bringing up personal matters into my online art life. But nobody is perfect, and trying to separate my personal life from my art life will always fail in the long run. And things got too far this time around.

This is going to be a long one too, for which I am also sorry, but this has been long time coming.

I don't really know how to properly put this into words, but I'll try anyway. For the past few months my art job has been taking bigger and bigger toll on me, my health and well-being, and it's been also reflecting in the quality of my art itself.

I stopped progressing and experimenting, I got absolutely repetitive and bored with art, but on the other hand I've also set the standards for myself way too high. And don't even get me started on my terrible workflow, which has been a complete mess for the past few years; artwork taking way too long to be completed, lack of proper linearting and speedpainting techniques and my unhealthy obsession with perfectionism, which has been causing me to be overly critical about the aspects of my work which I shouldn't be critical about.

Now before you start thinking that it's some art block or creativity burnout or something like this; that is not entirely the case here. I am flourishing with ideas that I never act out.

I am so busy with the... the work aspect of my art, that I don't even have enough time for the creative aspect of my art.

I've been stuck in this toxic circle of workaholism for the past few years.

Yes, I've said it, I am most likely a workaholic. This does not make me a wonderful, efficient and successful art enterpreneur. That only means that I take too much work on my shoulders and then I struggle to keep up.

Saying all of this is not going to give me any good publicity, in fact it's a terrible move to publicly admit ones own shortcomings. But I am done being dishonest with myself. I tried to fix all of this. I tried to hide this. I tried to deny it and work the everyday work to better myself through steady progress.

But each time I am falling back into the abyss, this fucking state of fake and lazy self-acceptance, the "I am going to play The Pretend Game for a few more months and then surely everything will get back to normal" kind of self-acceptance.

One "symptom" of this was my 366 Days of Art personal challenge, yet another thing that I am failing terribly at as I type this. Today is the 234th day of the year, and so far I have only completed 100 or so daily artwork pieces. Because I thought that forcing myself even harder is going to fix me.

Same for my ask blogs, which were all abandoned sooner or later. I have a big problem with completing the things that I start.

Then, while I was thinking that it's just a temporary art block, the health problems started.

I have a tendency to belittle or ignore my own problems because I think that if I push harder and harder, they are going to magically
disappear at some point.

Which caused me to fuck up my right wrist, my drawing hand. Now I am taking all means necessary to un-fuck my wrist back to normal, but it's been really bad for the past few weeks, to the point where it's been getting swollen and causing me some serious pain.

And it wasn't caused by some random injury, no. I managed to do this to myself only by staying in front of my computer all day every day, and never taking necessary breaks from work.

Image by FoxInShadow


That was the point at which I realized that this was a bigger issue than just a creativity struggle, and that brings me to typing out this journal. I believe you have a right to know about this.

Art is literally my life. I can not simply take a year-long health break and fly to the Bahamas to sip cold drinks and recover my art hand. But this was indeed a wake-up call that made me realize that I should slow down to think about myself.

So it's not that simple. I can't and I won't disappear because I can't afford it, and even if I could I would not want to. But things will have to change.

I am not entirely sure what exactly I can do, because on top of all that I already said, I am also struggling with multitude of personal issues that I would rather not bring up here. All you have to know is that I've made a lot of sacrifices recently, and yet I still haven't managed to escape my workaholism. So this might be a mindset issue.

Perhaps this is the point at which I should rethink my business strategies, because talking about personal health would be much easier if not for the ever-looming threat of financial instability.

And before you tell me to simply "spend less, lmao"; well the food and rent bills easily take up about 80% of my income, and I have some other unplanned bills to pay too. And I'd hate to have to pay for a hand treatment on top of my already existing expenses, but if the worse comes to worst, then this might also happen.

Public health care system in Poland is a steamy pile of horse shit. You might wait years to see a medical specialist "for free". But you can also pay the same specialist to see them in a private clinic literally next week. But all of this is so mind-bogglingly expensive that I don't even want to think about this for now.


So I am not exactly looking for a financial advice or anything like that, nor am I asking for any extra support (yet). I've only wanted to let you know why I've recently slowed down again, and that there are some... inner demons that I have to fight.

But most importantly, I wanted to apologize to those of you who could've been affected by all of this. My health is clearly telling me to slow down, so unfortunately you'll have to wait some more for everything to get finished. Everything will be completed sooner or later. It will.

Please don't think that I am looking for excuses, or for anyone to pat me on the back. I am very critical of myself, and more than anything I am pissed at myself for allowing this to happen for too long now.

I guess that now I will keep on doing what I'm always doing, except this time without wrecking myself both mentally and physically.

If my hand does not heal and instead gets worse again, then you guys will be the first people to know. I do not have to take any extra measures just yet, and I really hope I won't have to.

If you have any suggestions for me or even some words of critique, then feel free to call me out on my bullshit. I am at a loss right now, and some insight from someone else's perspective might help me more than you might think.

Fox out.

13920837 263492380701631 6628676810925553682 N by FoxInShadow
Okay.... hear me out. Deviantart page count system is a bitch. And also a lagging one, if suddenly I get an influx of three fucking thousand pageviews, holy shit.

So I have received three screenshots in almost exactly the same moment, and as a matter of fact it might be possible that all three users could've gotten the same pageview count, due to the sudden lag.
I am not going to delve deeper into this, I am not going to verify whether or not someone cheated, the kiriban is over, the inquiries are closed and I don't accept more screenshots, everyone had their chance and there is at least one fair winner, probably all three of them are fair. Blame deviantart.

So due to this sudden turn of events I am going to draw one conjoined piece for :icondmaxis: :iconepiccupcake777: and :iconderpymuffinz:

Please don't start a flame war about whether or not it was fair, I really honestly believe that nobody was cheating. Thank you ALL so much for participating, and for your endless support :heart:

Off to another million pageviews babyyyyy.
Since a big milestone is getting closer and closer, I thought I would celebrate it with a lil' reward for you.

Simply put, a kiriban! Which I haven't done in quite a while, so this could be fun.


:bulletred: The screenshot of a 1 000 000'th view on my main page is the sole winner, please submit a high quality screenshot of the whole web page with my main page clearly visible:

:bulletred: I will not accept a tiny screenshot of just the view count, because that can be easily photoshopped, or taken from someone elses kiriban

:bulletred: I am not exactly sure how the view counting system on dA works, so I don't even know if that's possible, but there might be two or more people getting the kiriban at the same time? Probably not, but if that's the case, then "first come, first served" rule will be applied.

:bulletred: Please use the dA note system to send me the screenshot. Preferably you should be logged into your dA account while taking the screenshot so that it matches the account you'll be using to sending it, but that's not a requirement. People outside of dA can enter too.

:bulletred: As demonstrated here, despite my hopes that nobody will be cheating, it is possible to manipulate the web page pretty easily to produce a fake view count:

Zrzut ekranu 2016-05-31 o 12.15.05 by FoxInShadow

So if I receive ten million screenshots all at once, I will know that something is wrong. Show some dignity and let the fair winner win, because otherwise I will pick the winner AT RANDOM. EVERYBODY LOOSES THEN.

Eventually the kiriban can be cancelled entirely due to suspiciously large number of screenshots I receive. If you're gonna be faking it, not only you will not be receiving the reward, but also you will make the fair winner impossible to pick. I hope you'll be really happy about it.

:bulletred: As a reward, you will be getting a colored drawing of a single character of your choice, be it your own OC or not. The catch is that I can do with your character whatever I wish. Along with the character reference you can send me a short message describing what your character is like, but ultimately I will decide what to do with all this info to surprise you. It can be a fighting scene, it can be porn, it can be a scenery piece or whatever I find fitting. So by participating you agree to grant me this artistic freedom.

:bulletred: Most likely it will be porn :iconlennyfaceplz:

Well, I think that's all. I wanted to thank you all for the continuous support, and I hope you will have fun trying to catch the kiriban. Cheers!

Zrzut ekranu 2016-05-17 o 16.57.55 by FoxInShadow 
Welcome to DeviantART World by MacDoninri on DeviantArt
Just a heads up. I wanted to inform you, since some of you have been asking, why does it seem that I sometimes omit my daily art submissions?

Well, mostly because I decided to not overly spam you with very rough sketches because I'm not always capable of producing complex works daily, but also because some of the daily art is too explicit for deviantart and I know that it would get flagged sooner or later.

Which is why I am tagging my daily works as #366DaysOfFox on tumblr, and you can browse the tag here:… (if the link doesn't work for you, it's because deviantart is blocking me again :sarcasm:)

I am also trying to put up my artwork on Instagram and Twitter more frequently these days, so feel free to check them out and follow:…
TobyFox posted today an updated policy on fan merchandise, which inspired me to also make a few clarifications.

I am (and will be, probably for a long time to come) mainly a brony artist. But diversifying my topics and expanding my audience is becoming one of my main goals.

However, I respect your opinion on touchy subjects, because when few weeks ago I asked you on tumblr about possibility of making #Undertail art, your reactions were mixed to say the least. Some of you were pretty excited about it, some of you were strongly against it.

Which is why I decided that the only things I am going to post on deviantart and tumblr are going to be teasers, whereas the full uncensored thing will be available only on my FurAffinity, where all the wicked things belong:…

The potential preview might look a lot like this (I just like Undyne, okay?)

Fish Boobs by FoxInShadow

For your information, I don't even know if I am going to draw any Undertail to begin with. But the new Undertale fan merch policy inspired me to mention this subject as well.

If you're interested in ordering any Undertale or Undertail commissions, this policy made it pretty clear that I am allowed to make them. Read up on the full thing:…
My currently existing sideblog has become a weird aggregation of  few kinds of content. I'm mostly using it to reblog fandom artwork, contemporary art, music, pr0n, shitposting and answering TMI.

And this is completely fine. This is what I needed in order to avoid spamming my main tumblr. 

But I also wanted something dedicated to sharing purely "high" culture, classical and conceptual artwork that influences me the most. If you're interested in that kind of content, feel free to follow:

What can you expect from me there? I've already posted quite a few examples, but there will be also some photography and contemporary art, as well as references and resources I am using for creating art. 

What can I say, I love sharing my inspirations.

But I also understand that this isn't the kind of content that most of you expect from me, therefore I have multiple blogs ;V

(This is the "main" shitposting sideblog I was talking about. Porn inbound: )
Just thought that I would put up a reminder, that, among other places, you can also follow me on Twitter. Of course, if being spammed with my art outside of deviantart is your thing ;)
Just a small announcement for those of you participating in the upcoming NYC convention, which will be held on 13th-15th of February.

Thanks to my ongoing collaboration with Traveling Pony Museum, my prints are going to be available on yet another American convention.

If you're going to be there, make sure to check out the Traveling Pony Museum sales table and ask about my prints.

Srsly, do it >;3

138317916709 by FoxInShadow
Alright, so there was no reason for me to worry. My laptop works just fine and the faulty power adapter did no harm to the internal components. After replacing it I can finally work again, there is now a five day delay that I have to catch up on.

But it could be much worse so I can't really complain. Special thanks to everyone who described having similar issues, now I know what to expect if this happens again.

Fox is off to work~

Fox Painting by FoxInShadow
Welp. It haven't arrived today, so I shall spend the weekend on sketching and wondering nervously if my laptop even works, and whether or not the new power adapter will fix it.

Does anyone else have had a similar issue? What are the chances that my internal battery, components or charging input got fried if everything else kept working normally, there was no battery drain and the machine did not shut down? It only stopped charging. And yes, I can still turn it on (I ran diagnostic tests provided by the manufacturer, they did not detect the charger), but I don't wanna drain the remaining 30% of the battery.
Just when everything started to sort itself out...

Anyway, here's the thing. I am using a borrowed laptop right now. My laptop stopped charging and I suspect that it was due to power adapter, because it was the only thing that started to smell like a melted plastic. 

I already ordered a new one, and here's what's gonna happen:

-I have to wait for it until Friday. In the meantime I can't work on commissions due to missing files and I can't really make digital art on this replacement laptop, but I'm still gonna post the daily artwork challenge because I can use pencil and paper, right? 

-When I receive the new adapter and my laptop still isn't charging, then I can really start to panic.

If I'm gonna need another big hardware update or money for repair, I will be forced to take a shitload of emergency commissions. Needless to say, this is pretty serious for me because that would be the first time when there is no other way than to ask for help.

Let's hope that it's just the power adapter and I will be be back on track in no time. I'll keep you posted, guys.
Welcome in 2016 everyone. I'm wishing you all the best and I hope that this year will be even better than the last one. And for me, it's certainly going to be a creative one. I recently posted first art from the series of the long ongoing art challenge, details in the description: 366 Days of Art personal challenge (1/366) by FoxInShadow

In another news, I am virtually done catching up on older commissions. If my time frame allows me, there should be much more personal works, maybe I'll finally get my ass to work on the damned ask blog as well. 

Anyway, I'll keep you posted. Lots and lots of artwork awaits me. Fox off~

Fox Painting by FoxInShadow
Long story short, I have to set my priorities straight.

Aside from the planned ask blog set to launch at the end of October ( I also have tons of other personal projetcs waiting for a moment of my time, buuuuut big surprise, things as always keep getting delayed. Real life hit me in the face once again.

However, I am not looking for excuses right now. I just wanted to let you know that I'll keep working on whatever keeps me occupied, and then good stuff is going to start popping up.

If I were to jump on to my own projects right now, I probably would be able to manage everything, but that would make me rush things under pressure, and that would most likely affect the quality of my overall work. And we wouldn't want that, right?... right? Quality over quantity.

And once I do get shit done, I already plan ahead to avoid getting stuck in the deadline hell ever again. I closed the current batch of commissions and I'm planning to spread the rest more wisely over time, hit me up for the details. Currently I'm accepting orders set for late November/early December.

And if you have any more questions, I recently published a detailed commission FAQ/rules, it's pretty important tbh: 

Detailed commission FAQ, dos and don'ts and rulesTaking into account a few years of my experience, some recent events, few endlessly returning questions and tiresome explaining, I felt that this FAQ is much needed.
I sure as hell hope that this doesn't sound rude or anything, please remember I'm not trying to scare you away, I'm trying to fix both the issues that some of you had with me, and the issues I had with some of you. I'm taking most of the blame here, because even if only 1% of you isn't satisfied with my services, that's still too many unhappy customers. Sometimes I wasn't acting professional and I am not afraid to admit that, sometimes I was too overwhelmed to handle everything so this gotta change. Fair and square.*
*needless to say, by reading this journal you agree to the terms and conditions yadda yadda blah blah blah let's not be dicks to each other, I respect your rights you respect mine.
And keep in mind that I am aiming at making the process more enjoyable for you and me, and what sounds like a s

I'll keep you guys updated, yours ever hard working Foxy Fox

(btw, redesigning her is kiiling me)

tumblr nwjefl4DHw1qii7qjo1 1280 by FoxInShadow
tumblr nxhuvsWgj41qii7qjo1 1280 by FoxInShadowtumblr nyksh5pMil1qii7qjo1 1280 by FoxInShadow
Taking into account a few years of my experience, some recent events, few endlessly returning questions and tiresome explaining, I felt that this FAQ is much needed.

I sure as hell hope that this doesn't sound rude or anything, please remember I'm not trying to scare you away, I'm trying to fix both the issues that some of you had with me, and the issues I had with some of you. I'm taking most of the blame here, because even if only 1% of you isn't satisfied with my services, that's still too many unhappy customers. Sometimes I wasn't acting professional and I am not afraid to admit that, sometimes I was too overwhelmed to handle everything so this gotta change. Fair and square.*

*needless to say, by reading this journal you agree to the terms and conditions yadda yadda blah blah blah let's not be dicks to each other, I respect your rights you respect mine.

And keep in mind that I am aiming at making the process more enjoyable for you and me, and what sounds like a soulless treating is important to keeping the communication fluent and should be a no-brainer really. I love my customers, so I think that you guys deserve to have all this info upfront.

I'm also sorry for the gigantic wall of text. But this was long time coming.

Okay, let's proceed to the :iconcbfontfplz::iconcbfontaplz::iconcbfontqplz:

:bulletred:What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal and Western Union, with paypal being the main option. Western Union is for these rare cases when you can't use paypal for whatever reason.

:bulletred: Why do I need to fill this paperwork for you? -----> (PLEASE READ)

As I said many times, I am fully professional and I do my taxes AND my government is shit and they force this stupid paperwork on me. If you were to hire any other self-employed freelance artist to make art assets for your cool-ass game, you'd be probably facing the same conditions. It secures both parties and I even made it one-time formality to make it easier for you guys if you were planning to make multiple orders. Read up on the details :above:

:bulletred: What exactly do you need from me in terms of details of my request?

Some of these are obvious, some are not.

Obviously, I need each reference that you deem essential and important. (Description will do just fine if the character was not depicted before.)

Less obviously, this leads to another question: Granting me artistic freedom. Yay or Nay?

Basically, I love artistic freedom as a rule. I really prefer the orders where the only description is to depict character X doing something.

To put it simply, don't be overly specific. This is not meant to discourage you, I'm guiding you to a better outcome. Because looking back at it, the commissions with more freedom granted to me were simply better.

-good description example: "Please make me a drawing of Shadow the Edgy Hedgehog running away from zombies while he's shooting at them in the abandoned school."

-bad description example: "The drawing is in the frog perspective and Shadow the Edgy Hedgehog is running from left to the right side while being chased by 35276523 zombies, they all look like an American middle class families with two kids, their skin colour ranges from honeydew to moss green, also the light is dim and maroon red like if during the blood moon, also here are 23784367 reference photos of the abandoned school I want this piece to be taking place in."

PLEASE, remember I am not discouraging you to be creative. But all in all, it is important to nail down important details and essentials, nothing else. I know my stuff (I think). You can always request a WIP sketch if you wanna review my vision, or we can hammer out the finer details together. Artistic freedom, man, don't be afraid of it! Being super-specific isn't always helping ^^;

:bulletred: When would you like me to pay you? Upfont or after the work is done? Do you accept partial payments?

This one is simple. You either pay me upfront, grant me full artistic freedom and I surprise you with the final outcome. Or you can pay me after accepting the Work In Progress sketch I provide for your review (most people choose the second option).

As for the partial payments, I can't accept them for the same reason I need the paperwork from you: taxes. The amount that is mentioned in the contract must be the same as the single payment I'm gonna have in my paypal history. Because taxes.

:bulletred: Can I determine the medium you will be using for my picture?

I very much prefer digital art and it is used by default, unless you have a very specific request (for example if you want to receive the original art for some reason). For traditional art I use Copic markers, pencils and watercolours. I am not gonna lie though, digital art is my forté, so it will most likely look better than traditional.

:bulletred: Could my commission ever be turned into a poster?

Well, to put it simple, I always provide high resolution files to my clients, and you can do with them whatever you want. You own that piece so you can even resell the prints if you wish.

My high res files usually have 4000 pixels in the longer dimension so that should be enough for you to make posters on your own by using your local printing services.

I myself don't offer poster shipping other than the posters that you can order in my deviantart shop:…

:bulletred: WHEN is my order going to get finished? (this is probably the ultimate question number one)

Okay, so... this is a very vague matter, so the answer is as much vague.

Mostly it depends on how busy I am at the moment. People make this assumption that when I take their commission, I am working exclusively and only on this one drawing. Well, it does not work like that. At any given moment I am working on at least five different orders simultaneously. It has to be like that, in order to maintain a steady workflow. There were some cases where I had to take too many commissions which caused a major delay, but we're not here to talk about wonders of freelance life. We're here to talk about facts.

And the fact is that if you're unsure whether you'll receive it within two days or two months, and if it is super important for you to receive it ASAP, then you're absolutely entitled to force a specific deadline on me and you have a full legal right to do so, because yes, I have a wonderful commission policy. It will be mentioned in the contract you'll receive from me.
Kyubey icon [free to use] by pinkbunnii

Deadline is optional. If you opt out of it, you lose your right to brag about lazy artists being lazy. I can officially take as long time to finish your order as I find necessary, because I am pretty damn busy over here and usually working on multiple orders all at once.  

I try to please everyone (hehe) and I understand that waiting is frustrating, so slap a deadline on me if you want. I'm perfectly fine with that.

Moreso, the WIP sketch you're going to receive from me ensures that the work will be completed. However, if you received a WIP sketch already and you did not give me a deadline when you could, then I will not reply to messages asking about update, unless it is very important to the process/I personally request contact. BELIEVE me, I remember about every order, and it will be done when it will be done. IT WILL :la::la::la:

Once again, I am SORRY if this sounds cold as fuck but that's the way it has to be. War, war never changes ;)


And now  :iconcbfontdplz::iconcbfontoplz::iconcbfontsplz::icontransparentplz::iconcbfontaplz::iconcbfontnplz::iconcbfontdplz:

First things first, there are obviously the topics that artists personally prefer because we're all human and we're not drawing machines, am I right? :iconderpyshrugplz:
So keeping that in mind, the best advice I can give regarding what you actually should consider ordering (if you need that kind of advice) is to browse through my gallery and maybe my Personal Favourites folder to actually find out what I am feeling the best at:…

I said this already that picking the best topic for the best artist suitable for this topic is essential to getting a satisfying commission. I'm not saying you should be extra careful while picking the topics for me, I'm saying that you can literally see the outcomes and better pick up the appropriate theme for the appropriate artist :nod: Maybe there are some artists out there better than me at portraying your ideas? It might be a good idea to run by me few of your projects for my review, so I am allowed to pick the one that I am feeling the best at.

Now that this is sorted out here is the actual LIST:

:bulletred:I am very good at: Ponies, obviously, do I have to list that? I am also more than fine with all sorts of anthro and furry stuff, be it safe or porn. I am very passionate about digital painting so I'd love to see an influx of more scenery-oriented commissions, and also humans. People tend to overlook and actually have to ask me if I draw humans at all. Yes, I do draw humans! And their style can range from anime-ish to semi-realistic. I am also not discriminating any fandom at all, while I am mostly brony-oriented I see no problem working with something I might be not familiar with. I can draw all sorts of stuff, ranging from your anime waifu to spaceship concept art. Again, don't be afraid to ask.

:bulletred:Things I might be willing to draw: This is where it gets tricky. Basically, the "maybe" topics are mostly judged case by case. And it's mostly about fetishes, let's be honest. Some of these might stay private, at my request.

For example, I don't particularly like futa, but drawing it is not that much of a big deal for me. Maybe all I was saying is that I need to hear the details of your order to know if I'll be actually capable of drawing whatever you request.

I am also rather sceptical about extreme realism/exaggerated body fluids/exaggerated body parts.

:bulletred: Things I am definitely not going to draw:

Well, this is still mostly about fetishes, but also the styles and techniques I am operating with.

I am not going to make vector art, at least not for now. I don't have any interest in it, I don't find it appealing. I don't do animation, web design, I do not code, I don't do 3D modeling either.

I am also not the best pick for design work of any sort; I'd rather avoid making logos, logotypes, font works and so on and so on. This is not my field of work, I am a digital painter, not a digital designer.

Absolutely no underage characters depicted in sexual manner, ever, this isn't an option even for private commissions. All characters depicted are of legal adult age, yadda yadda blah blah blah, this is the line I am not crossing.

There are also some fetishes that have been requested in the past/I had some bad experiences with them/I know I'm not gonna draw:

I am not gonna draw inflation, micro/macro, foot fetish, vore, weight gain, pregnancy, babyfurs/diapers, water sports, scat, scalies, extreme muscles, extreme gore, coprophilia, necrophilia etc etc, I think you get the drill.

And so, due to the... sensitive topics listed above, I have a right to reject commission requests for personal reasons.


Phew! So I guess that is all I wanted to cover folks, I believe that those of you that wanted some additional details on commission process got their answers in one giant journal and this will save me some talking later, and that it's gonna help you make it quicker as well. If you have some additional questions I am always here to answer them, to help you get through it with me aaaaaand I hope that you'll enjoy working with me.

I am usually open for commissions, and you can look up the rest of the info in separate submissions:
 Price list by FoxInShadow  Important changes in commission policy PLEASE READ
This annoys me as much as you, but this is forced on me rather than chosen, so let's overcome these obstacles together, shall we?
The changes are as follows:
:bulletred:The prices are going to be increased slightly in order to fit better to my local tax law. I really don't want to get you into details of that. Check out the current price list: 
:bulletred:First time you place an order you will have to sign "Contract to perform a specific work" with me. This includes sharing personal data with me, shipping information to be exact (but you'll get mine in exchange) and also you'll have to send me a scan of a signed page. Photo will do as well.
This is completely normal among freelancers, imagine you are treated like a company ordering art assets from me. I need a paper for that.
All the personal data is completely safe with me, as I don't have any interest in sharing it. Still, it's required.
First test stream was a success, everything works as expected, special thanks to everyone who showed up.

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because there surely will be more~