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May 20, 2013
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What the future has brought by FoxInShadow What the future has brought by FoxInShadow
Epic commission for Jonathan, definitely something that helped me practice some things
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cesarelrojas1 Dec 24, 2013  Student General Artist
omg ...... !  
Makes me think a lot about the manga "Blame!". It has the same kind of gigantically labyrinthic sceneries... All the time.
Well that escalated quickly. Or maybe it didn't? Is Twilicorn immortal?
Nice shapes and palette. It only there were no line on Twi's leg... It makes it look like a prosthesis.
This is one of those images that generate a mini fanfic in my head, a bit like the last comment. If I put wrote all those mini stories I imagined I would have pages of fanfics on mlpfics. To bad I'm not to good at putting my ideas on paper.
64000 years had passed since ponies and other races have left the confines of their forgotten homeworld of Harmony to explore the stars. Now, after arising from the anarchy and carnage of the Second Dark Age, the Harmonian Hegemony had reached is zenith. Countless quadrillions of souls, both Harmonian, Alien or Synthetic, lived under Pax Hegemonia, secure in the protection of its vast war-fleets, prospering with their share its opulent wealth.

At its center, stood APEX - throne world of the Harmonian Hegemony, the beating heart of an empire that span the entirety of the Concordian Galaxy. From the Core to the Arms, over 30 million star systems pledge their allegiance to to the Perihelion Tower, the center of Apex's planet-spanning palace. And upon the top of the towering spire of Synth-Glass and Neo-Adamantine, the Hegemon Empress watches over the galaxy from the Alicorn Throne.

Yet, as one unicorn shall discover, Apex and the Hegemony is not without its weaknesses, and not without powerful enemies.

For, Nova Starlight, proud prodigy descending from the ancient House Twilight, the opulence and power of Apex is almost too overwhelming for a noble hailing from the rural province of Equus-stra. But what was supposed to be a casual visit to the capital is thrown upside down by an attempt on her life. Soon, she found herself in a race against time to uncover a conspiracy thousands of years in the making, one that would threatens to put an end to Hegemony, and with it, the peace and harmony that had reigned for millennia.

To save an empire, she must confront countless foes and uncover forgotten secrets from the lost histories of the galaxy, a journey that will find herself on a journey across Apex, and the galaxy beyond.

For that task, she will need every help she could get. And above all else, she will need some friends...
That sounds awesome...would read it if you wrote it.
Nah, it's just a thought. I really hope that someday some brony author could write out a decent pony space opera...
.....Im the one who commissioned this...for my fic
(allabet it is a prequel explaining Twilight's rise to power but i plan to go on and write a space opera set in that 'verse)
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